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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Conclusion Of Open Source Operating System

  •          After we learn in module F3036 Open Source Operating System, we learn many knowledge about osos. Firstly in Chapter 1 we learn about Open Source and Linux Fundamental, Chapter 2 is Installation of Linux Distribution, Chapter 3 is Linux Desktop Environment, Chapter 4 is Linux File System Administrator, Chapter 5 is Linux Shell, Chapter 6 is Linux Networking, Chapter 7 is Linux Services and Configuration and lastly we learn in Chapter 8 is Troubleshoot Linux System.
  • ·         Overall we like to learn in Chapter 5 is Linux Shell because shell is an command language interpreter that executes command read from the standard input device(keyboard) and from file. Way to get your shell interface is divided into three that contain firstly using shell prompt, second is using terminal windows and third is using virtual terminals. We also learn many type file systems and command Linux text editor in Linux.
  • ·         In the future we would like to learn many knowledge of osos in Chapter 2 is Troubleshoot Linux System. In this chapter, we want to learn more about the troubleshoot hardware related program and troubleshooting hard disk partition with the other solutions. This topic we want to more understanding and know more detail about the troubleshoot in hardware and hard disk partition.

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